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Vol 02
Winner of the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship 2018

Geomorphic Architecture:

A Theory of Landform Building in the New Epoch


Written by Steven Hutt & Coordinated by Mark Garcia

With the rise of the so-called ‘anthropocene epoch’, a swell of speculative theories and philosophies have emerged in its wake as a way to decentralise the human as the measure of all things. The philosophies of speculative realism, vital materialism, compositionism, post-phenomenology, and object-oriented ontology, are challenging the enduring dichotomies between nature and culture, in the pursuit of a more dialogical approach.

Similarly, but independently, the rise of ‘landform building’ is emerging within schools of architecture as a way of exploring the return of ‘nature’ within architectural discourse.

This endosymbiotic fusion between architecture and landscape design has marked a paradigm shift for both professions, and has been heralded as the new ‘geologic turn’.

This book offers a critical reexamination of the ‘geologic turn’ in light of the emerging post-human philosophies. By translating these core philosophical principles; a new theory of ‘geomorphic’ architecture is proposed, to underpin the art of landform building and to move us out of the traps of anthropocentrism.



MArch Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)

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"The Wilder Cities blog was created in 2018

to promote a closer relationship between architecture and urban wildlife.


By researching and documenting the latest developments in urban design and conservation,

I hope to understand how our cities can grow more naturally alongside other species to create a more resilient urban landscape for all."

-Steven Hutt



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