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Modern City

      a taxonomy of the unplanned      


subnatural growth

over time


subcultural growth

over time


urban reality




extreme nature

extreme culture

Diagram of subnatural environments

What is subnature?

All known environments are hybrids of subnatural and subcultural events, in variable and ever-changing degrees. From the wilderness of a bamboo forests, to the chaotic movement of a Tokyo scramble; each and every environment is constantly being reshaped by, and is actively reshaping, the extremes of 'nature' and 'culture'.


The modern city can be typified by its human-dominated design agendas. Highways, parks, tower blocks, pedestian walkways, and ferry ports, all provide a safe and cleansed network for subcultural events to thrive in. But the aesthetics of the modern city also have a universal and unavoidable subnatural side too. Despite their complete absence in urban designs and glossy architectural renders - events such as dust, smoke, and pigeon faeces, still remain ever-present in the modern world.

A window is designed to "look out onto nature". Rather than attempting to expunge these subnatural realities in pursuit of 

Architecture, meet Geology

Title: Geomorphologies

Annual 01 - 2017 -

Architecture, meet Wildlife

Title: East of Eden

Annual 02 - 2018 -

Architecture, meet "_______"

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